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2023 Year End

Here's to a fantastic 2023 with cherished memories, and to an even more promising 2024 ahead!
Vote of Thanks by Mohamed Mansoor, Founder and 2023 Chairperson

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Spit Braai and Buffet Lunch

As we are gathered here, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. This year has been nothing short of remarkable for our table tennis club. From thrilling matches to forging new relationships, and we've experienced it all together.

2023 has been an iconic year for Table Tennis and South Africa. Earlier this year, South Africa hosted the world table tennis championships… an international tournament that sees the best of the best of the best from all corners of the globe competing for the grandest trophies and prize monies. I was fortunate to have been there in Durban at the ICC where the tournament was held, and I can’t even begin to express in words the once-in-a-lifetime experience it was.
That event has caused a notable wave of interest in the sport, almost every month I am finding more and more random people contacting me with interest to join our club. This sport is going to explode, and we’re going to need all the helping hands we can get to drive that interest into something positive, constructive and self-sustaining. I know that all of you will continue to support our club and continue to avail yourselves to be part of it’s development.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all our club members. Your dedication, passion, and relentless support have been the driving force behind our club's success. Whether you're a player, a coach, a volunteer, an umpire, or part of our club board of officers or committee members, your efforts and contributions have made an incredible impact. We are also grateful for our Honoured Guest, Ward 58 Councillor and fellow Pro-Palestinian Activist - Uncle Rickey Nair, for attending and participating in our event today.
After BMPC was unable to give us consistency for Sunday mornings, we found ourselves in a predicament. Both, to secure another venue and also to procure equipment – table tennis boards. That’s where a gentlemen who couldn’t be here with us today came to our rescue sponsoring 2 second hand tables for our club. And we were fortunate to have found 2 tables that belong to this very centre being made available to us too.

We owe abundant gratitude to the Nana Memorial Committee and Board, for allowing us to conduct our club activities in this beautiful venue. This partnership with SNMT will hopefully outlive us, and together SNMT and The Gauteng T2 table tennis would continue serving the community.

Aside from table tennis skills, there is the world of table tennis officiating. Becoming an umpire or referee in table tennis is not an easy feat, but we’ve had 7 club members take on the SATTB's, that is the South African Table Tennis Board's, Club Level Umpire Examinations. 5 of whom successfully passed the exams and the certificates are pending from the Board. I suspect that the certification will probably be handed out at the Gauteng Central AGM early next year.
Besides the potential of our juniors, and the promotion of our club's A team, and the commitment displayed by some of our club’s seniors to thread the officiating pathways… it's difficult to imagine that this club was conceptualized and formed with just 3 people, and then too - they didn't own anything more than 2 sets of net assemblies. Today we have such promise, that we're eagerly looking for a second venue that will be able to accommodate our primary weekly time slot for Sunday club sessions.

And so our journey continues, and the future holds endless possibilities for us. We aspire to grow stronger, expand our horizons, and continue fostering a welcoming environment for everyone.

As we bid farewell to this year, let's carry forward the spirit of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship into the upcoming year. Together, we'll scale new heights and create even more unforgettable moments.

Without any further delay, let's enjoy the food that's been prepared for us since 6am this morning. That’s right folks, there have been some people working here since 6am to ensure that you have a great time. I think it’s only apt to name them and if you can extend a few words of thanks to them if you bump into them during the buffet.
Zakiyya Mansoor, Zahraa Shaik, Maseeha Essa, Madeeha Essa, and to Park Muslim Butcher (Lenasia) for the meat supplied for our spit braai today, and a very special thanks to Shawn Beharie (reachable on 083-307-1388) of Fairyland Lights Function Hire (Lenasia) who have been working hard these past 5 hours to ensure that we have delicious tender meat to enjoy.

Together, we've witnessed some breathtaking competition, we've witness players display outstanding sportsmanship, and cultivated a vibrant community centered around our shared love for table tennis. It's this unity and camaraderie that truly defines us.

Our club started with a proof of concept at the Brixton Multipurpose Centre, just up the road, next to the Brixton Police Station. It’s a beautiful venue, if any of you haven’t seen as yet seen it – I encourage you to pop in and check it out. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the centre might be – like many government facilities it’s severely mismanaged and the local surrounding community are not given easy consistent access to conduct any community service like that of our club. I fear it would soon become a white-elephant and deteriorate over time. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the Brixton Multipurpose Centre being our foundation, where most of the ground work for this club of ours came into fruition. And also to the SA Table Tennis Champions that were present at our opening sessions held there. Do any of you here remember the tunnel that they walked through? It was 'Simply the Best'. 
I'd also like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate our young players. It is your enthusiasm and determination that inspires us all. You are the future of this club, and we're honored to nurture your talent and passion.
Looking back at this year, we've achieved so much – as a new club affiliated to the Gauteng Central Table Tennis Association – which is the governing body for all table tennis clubs and activities in the region. As new affiliates, we truly delivered unlike any other club in the region. We’ve had 16 of our Juniors entered into the Gauteng Central Trials, and a whopping 9 of those juniors were selected to be part of the Gauteng Central Squad.
Unfortunately, there appears to be a broken telephone between our club and the parents of most of the juniors, since only 2 of the qualifying represented the association at the South African Nationals. I personally attribute this to a gap of understanding amongst the juniors parents - parents tend to really underestimate their children's skills and talents. I invite all the parents to witness them in action on the tables, and if it's not possible for you to be here for club sessions to spectate - I encourage you to reach out to me for an unbiased and detailed report on their performance. Trust me, even the 7 times National South African Champion – Miss Danisha Patel, has recognized the potential of the vast majority of our club's juniors. Imagine, she’s a 7 times National Champion, and she see’s potential in our club’s kids.
Then we have our club's A team being ranked in the top 2 in their division of the Gauteng Central League - which means that in the next season, the team should be promoted to the next division. Congratulations to captain Nkosana Tukule and the team. I’d love to see another team put together for the next season, so I am appealing to the senior members of the club… we just need 4 of you to come together. I am confident that we can enter a second senior team in the league next year.
And especially, Thank you to my elder brother, beloved uncle, and dearest friend, whom I shall not name due to respect for his humility and sincerity. But I would say that he is truly one of the truest patrons of this club of ours… and we’re lucky to have you part of our family.

Here's to a fantastic 2023 with cherished memories, and to an even more promising 2024 ahead! I know you’re hungry, but before you rush off to ‘the chows’, there is one final little surprise gift for all Registered T2 Club Members, please collect them from us here on stage one-by-one so that we can mark off our register.
Please enjoy your meals…


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