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What is a Table Tennis Blade?
A table tennis blade refers to the main body or framework of a table tennis racket. It serves as the foundation onto which the rubber coverings are affixed. According to regulations, at least 85% of the blade's thickness must be composed of natural wood material.
Similar to racket coverings, the blade plays a crucial role in determining the racket's overall performance characteristics, including speed, spin, and control. When selecting a table tennis blade, it's essential to ensure compliance with the guidelines set forth by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). This includes verifying that the blade material meets the minimum requirement of natural wood composition and adhering to any additional specifications outlined in the ITTF regulations.
What are 'Racket Coverings'?

'Racket Coverings' refer to the rubber part of your rackets, most commonly the RED or BLACK coloured parts. On this note, we should advise that on the 1st October 2021 the rules were updated to include bright colours in addition to bright red. The authorised additional bright colours are pink, violet, green and blue.
So on colours - you have to have 1 side which is Black, and another side which is bright coloured in either Red, Pink, Violet, Green or Blue. Next you can verify whether your rubber, or racket covering, is in the LARC (List of Approved Racket Coverings). For this you need to reference the ITTF database, where you can select the Brand + product + approval code (if possible).
ITTF EQUIPMENT REGISTER RACKET COVERINGS --> https://equipment.ittf.com/#/equipment/racket_coverings

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